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Building Your Self-Esteem

how to build your self esteem

Self-esteem is your own personal view of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everyone has a different view of themselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more than a negative one. Many individuals suffer from low self-esteem for a variety of reasons and need to build their self-esteem in order to succeed in life. Remember, the only one who can make you excel is you and no one else. The same goes for self-esteem. The only person who can build up—or consequentially tear down—your self-esteem is you. Although other individuals may aide the process, the end decision is yours.

People have low esteem for a variety of reasons. Some individuals suffer from poor body image and focus on all the negative traits of their physical appearance. Others have emotional issues that have caused their self-esteem to drop or feel unworthy of any praise. For whatever reasons your self-esteem may falter, the key to building it up again is to find the root of the problem. Think of self-esteem like a house, if you build a stunning house on a poor foundation, the entire structure will crumble. However, if you take steps to ensure the foundation is strong and capable of holding anything, the process may be slow, but your self-esteem will be built soundly.

Many individuals look for help with their low self-esteem in books or seminars. The number of available options on the market is phenomenal, and you are sure to find one on a topic that deals with your specific issues. Check out your local library or bookstore and explore their “self-help” section for a book that you may find helpful. It is quite unlikely you will find the answers to all your problems in a book, but you may find it helpful to know others are in your same boat and you are certainly not alone. Additionally, you may wish to seek professional help in your quest to boost your self-esteem. Often, speaking with a qualified individual can help you determine the root of your problem and the necessary path you should take for the rebuilding process. Perhaps your problems date back to childhood, or maybe it has recently developed. Whatever the case, a professional will be able to best determine your next step.

The main factor in self-esteem is negativity. Negative thoughts can pervade your confidence and crumble your self-esteem. If you find yourself surrounded by negative people or in a negative situation, try to best remedy the problem. Often, individuals in an abusive relationship have their self-esteem shattered when a supposed loved one constantly berates them and questions their worth. Similarly, a negative workplace environment can lower your self-esteem with colleagues or bosses finding fault with your work. Maybe you have a friend who is consistently negative with all surrounding him or her. Whatever the source, distancing yourself from the negativity will help you regain your self-esteem. Strive to surround yourself with positive people. If you are going through a rough time in your personal life, you may wish to join a support group. Similarly, there are support groups available for individuals with self-image issues. These groups will allow you to meet other individuals like yourself and provide a forum for you to sound your hopes and achievements.

However, you choose to begin building your self-esteem, do so today! Be thorough and consistent with the process and be aware it may take a while. You should not become impatient or despondent if you find your self-esteem slipping. Remember, you are an important and worthy person and should treat yourself as such.



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Sometimes You Have To Be Broken

be broken

So, the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and came across a story that can change the view you and I both have on life.

The story starts inside a “Dollar Store”. There was a lady with two kids in the LONG line. One was an older child and the other was a toddler. The older one had a pack of glow sticks and the toddler was screaming for them so the Mom opened the pack and gave him one, which stopped his tears.

He walked around with it smiling, but then the bigger boy took it and the baby started screaming again.

Just as the Mom was about to fuss at the older child, he bent the glow sticks and handed it back to the toddler stopping the fit again.

As they walked outside, the toddler noticed that the stick was now glowing and his brother said: “I had to break it so you could get the full effect from it.”

I almost ran because l could hear God saying to me, “I had to break you to show you why I created you. You had to go through it so you could fulfill your purpose.”

That toddler was happy just swinging that “unbroken” glow stick around in the air because he didn’t understand what it was created to do…which was to “glow”.

There are some people who will be content just “being”, but unfortunately, we have to be “broken”.

We have to get sick.

We have to lose a job. 

We have to bury our spouse, parents, best friend, or our child because, in those moments of desperation, God is breaking us but when the breaking is done, then we will be able to see the reason for which we were created.

Think about the last painful memory you had to fight to get through.  There is a very good chance that going through that moment, made aware of something else.  A door that opened because of pain, stress or agony.

Realizing you need to start eating healthy and working out because of an illness you had.

Starting your dream business because you lost your job.

Having a relationship with someone you thought you lost because of a mutual friend/family member passing away.

There is always a positive that can come from the negative.  You just have to get to the point where you can see it.

Remember that the toddler did not know that his stick could glow until they got outside in the dark.

Keep moving and pushing forward.  Regardless of what you are going through, you can get through it!

Don’t stop where you’re miserable, move forward to happiness.

Talk Soon,

CJ Hallock

Why I Am Reinventing Myself And Why I Believe You Should Too!

Reinventing yourself is very important. You will find that there are times in your life where you are going to have to change your life or change yourself in some small way. You will need to consider re-inventing yourself personally, professionally, and also in some of the relationships that you have with others. You will find that there are no rules or principles that you will need to follow in the re-invention, but you should try to make things better or easier for yourself. You will need to do your best to try to re-invent yourself in a positive way.

When it comes to change, you have to learn how to embrace it. You will want to consider the fact that there are a certain amount of expectations and goals that you are going to have to meet for yourself. You will need to consider the fact that there are a lot of wonderful things that you will need to embrace in life, but you will want to keep in mind that your greatest achievement will be in yourself. Figure out what it is that you need in your life first. Then you need to try and work it out into a plan of action. You also have to figure out where your glass ceiling is. Some people have a “glass ceiling” this is where they can see the top, but feel that they are unable to get there. The thing is that you are going to try and work things out to the furthest point, but eventually, you will have to stop and look at yourself and feel a sense of pride. Self-actualization is very hard to achieve. Some people spend their entire life trying to get to the point of self-actualization.

For you to re-invent yourself you are going to have to consider your strengths and your weaknesses. You will need to work on both so that your weaknesses aren’t really weaknesses and your strengths are stronger than ever. You will find that only through self-evaluation will you ever be able to find yourself on the correct path to contentment. You will have that with your skills you will be able to stand out from the rest with a little bit of work.

When you re-invent yourself you will need to think about growth in the concern of your spiritual health, physical health, mental health, and also deal with some of your attachments. You will want to make sure that you think about who you are and who you are when in certain areas of your life. First, you will want to consider the fact that you have many relationships with many important people. You will want to make sure that you do everything you can so that you can make the best possible impression on others, but also show others the new and improved you.

You will be able to achieve a lot of things when you think about using your whole self to accomplish your goals. You will need to think about ways that you can use your body, mind, and soul so that you can do a complete renovation on yourself. You also have to think about using all of yourself so that you can reach your own stardom and be truly happy. You will also want to consider the fact that your transformation will not happen overnight. You will want to keep in mind that there is a lot of time and energy that you are going to have to put in yourself in order to make your goals into something. There are many improvements that you can make, but you are also going to have to evaluate yourself every now and then.

Hope this helps!

Be Great & Stay Boosted,


What is a Mindful Morning Ritual & Why Should You Create One?

morning ritual feature image

You probably have several rituals in your life. You go to bed at the same time every night. You drive the same way to work each morning, take the same route home every evening, and unconsciously reach for the remote as you fall onto your sofa at the end of your workday. Perhaps your morning ritual is 1) turn off the alarm clock, 2) put on the coffee, 3) hit the shower, 4) start your day.

Regarding the word ritual, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as …

“noun – always done in a particular situation and in the
same way each time ”

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How to Fit Easy Meditation Into Your Daily Life (A Step By Step Guide)

how to fit meditation into your daily life

If you have ever thought about meditation and have landed on this blog post, you may have wondered…

How to Fit Easy Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Meditation is a simple practice. Children can do it, as well as adults. You don’t have to possess a particular surrounding, cultural upbringing, ethnicity or demographic to benefit from meditation. The ancient spiritual practice lends itself to multiple benefits, positively improving how you function mentally and physically.

Because human beings are busier than ever before, you may find it difficult to squeeze meditation into your daily life. It is easier than you may believe. The following tips will ensure that you have ample time every day to calm your mind, focus on the “now”, and reap the many rewards of meditation.

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The Art of a Mindful Morning | Perfecting Your Morning Routine

mindful morning routine

Welcome to “The Art of a Mindful Morning” my guide to perfecting your morning routine.

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Please feel free to use this morning checklist.  I am using this as a personal checklist so I can pull this post page up every morning and not have to bounce around on the net.

Before I start listing everything I want to say that if you need help with your morning routine you should check out the rest of the blog post and learn why I have these tasks on this checklist.

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