Success Is NOT Only Money

Success Is NOT Only Money” Unless your just flat out [greedy]

Success is but a state of personal fulfillment.

For example I had somebody ask me the other day “How much money are you making off of your {Stay Boosted Blog}?” I answered “None.” Quickly the person followed with “I told you that you couldn’t be “Successful” with that blog!”

Well, I am “Successful” with the blog! How?-Let me explain- Because I am fulfilling the purpose of the blog.  Giving Back!  Not only that but I am Happy with what I’m doing…Even if it is not making me $10k a month!  To me “Stay Boosted” is a Success!!

That being said I want you to keep in mind that You are a success when YOU feel you have reached it.  NOT when someone else does!

Be a Success!

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As always Be Good and
Stay Boosted!
CJ Hallock

C.J. Hallock

As Always Be Great and Stay Boosted
To Your Success and Happiness,
C.J. Hallock
CJ Hallock