Ok, So I’m going to do a Series of posts for everyone.  I initially started this idea as a book but honestly I believed more people would read into this and be exposed to it if I were to give it away for free… so I’m going to start the series here… The thing is I’m going to start with smaller posts and add to them as time goes on so be expecting to come back and see more than you have originally read when that one specific post was put up… 🙂

So I’m challenging you to take each day and focus on each “Rule”

Lets Call It “The 13 Day Challenge”

Here are the 13 Rules so you know what posts are coming up …

  1. Laugh EVERY Day
  2. Ownership of Your Life
  3. Momentum-Keep Moving
  4. Continue to Grow-Self Education
  5. Harsh Reality-Seeing Things as They Truly Are
  6. Goals- Make/Visualize/Reach
  7. Passion
  8. Patience
  9. Aggression
  10. Gratitude
  11. Overcome Your Fear(of Death)
  12. Always Push Beyond Your Limits
  13. Stay Boosted!

See You Over the Top!!!

C.J. Hallock

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