Stay Boosted Book By CJ Hallock

Stay Boosted:
A Handbook For Life

In hours and hours of research I’ve found small things that took me from being suicidal to being completely happy.  Learn what I found in my research.

These are the lessons happy people wish they’d learned sooner.

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Author spotlight

“I wanted to do something to help people reach that one part of their life they deserve, & that is happiness”

C.J. Hallock

I love inspirational and uplifting books. One of the things I really like about Stay Boosted is that you don’t have to read it start to finish. You can pick it up and get a little boost from any page.

We can all use a little daily wisdom and with our busy days, we can add a smidgen of time for some upliftment.

Joy Behymer - Author/Blogger

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