The Stay Boosted Story from Suicide

Yes, suicide. Well, attempted suicide.  I tried and thought I didn't want to live.  It was the lowest part of my life.  The pain of living felt greater than the pain of death. Along the road of depression I met a man who ended up saving my life.  His name was Miguel.  The first week I met him he gave me a few cd's. The first disc was Anthony Robbins and the second was Jim Rohn.  Those two cd's changed my vision on life and set me on a new path.  Miguel taught me that I can be my own boss and that I can succeed. He came into my life as a mentor that every man would be honored to have and ended up a brother.  His advice in my life has lead me to wanting to be "That Guy" to someone else.  I know there are people who need it.  So I started thinking about "How to help..."

Over the next few years I started to dive into the personal development world.  I started spending every available dollar on success books, audio books, speeches, magazines and so many more things. In 2009 there was an electronics company that was going out of business and as I was shopping for the new, awesome camera (The Flip lol) I met another man who would continue to change my vision.  Gary was a blessing in disguise.  I learned the basics of everything in marketing that I know now from him and the resources he shared with me.  After a few months of "talking shop" Gary bought me a gift...  He knew I had been blogging about the "Stay Boosted" mindset over on MySpace (I know and on other blogging sites.  After we transferred the domain into my own account and set up hosting, we spent days building the site and continued to push the thought out ...   STAY BOOSTED!